Municipal Emergency Coordinator Training Program

MAMEC is dedicated to keeping the cost of the training program affordable for all communities. Another advantage to
membership is a reduced rate for each training course; if you are not a member but wish to join MAMEC send us an email at
[email protected] and we will forward a membership application.

Our Experts

MAMEC Executive Board worked with a
Course Developer and Educator with a Doctorate
and over +15 years’ experience in Emergency
Management to research, develop and write these
training modules. The development team also
included students from the University of Winnipeg
who have assisted with the research on this project.

Courses Offered

The Role of the Municipal Emergency
Hazard and Risk Assessment: The process and
how to use it as a foundation for plans
How to prepare a Community Emergency
Plan that meets community needs
Emergency Operations Centre; their
purpose, set-up, communicating with the
Emergency Site, your team and your Council
EM 100 Basic Emergency Management
EM 200 Basic Emergency Management
Reception Centre Management; building and
training your team; hosting and caring for
evacuees; job descriptions and expectations
Basic Business Continuity Planning for
Exercise Design – Planning and Conducting
Emergency Exercises